The Future of Colin Creek Golf Club

Our community remembers with a fond nostalgia the summers spent at the pool, the evening cookouts, and the good-natured, but competitive golf tournaments hosted at Hickory Hill. While we would never try to carbon copy the “good ‘ol days,” we do recognize the interest in bringing back some of these amenities. At Colin Creek, we’re considering all ideas, and we’re putting our own stamp on things.

Here’s what you can expect from us in the coming weeks and months

  1. A deep commitment to our community. We’ve already reached out to our local schools and churches and invited them to bring out groups and use our facilities. We want to invite fellowship and families. The more, the better. We’ll work with you ensure it’s affordable and can be enjoyed by all.
  2. Fun events that can be enjoyed by all ages. Whether it’s live music in our pavilion  or s’mores for the kids and an outdoor movie, we promise a good time.
  3. Have an idea? We’re all ears. Let’s talk about it and make it happen!

As for the swimming pool and the tennis courts? The truth is, time will tell. As we said during our membership drive, it’s a numbers game. We need a certain number of members to justify the investment. The more folks who commit to the future of Colin Creek through membership, the easier it is for us to commit to these large, long-term investments. If you would like to to become a member of Colin Creek Golf Club, please request a membership application from our Pro shop and join today!

For More Information or to Schedule a Tee Time – Please Call: 336-940-2790.

For more information on events please contact us by email at [email protected], call or text at 336-448-3804.