Colin Creek FAQs

When can I come for a tour?

Tours are by appointment only.

When can I come for event consultation visits?

Two, 90 minute, pre-scheduled event consultation visits are allowed. Consultation visits must be scheduled with owner.

How much time do we have for photography sessions?

Photography sessions are limited to 2 hours and must be pre-scheduled with owner.

When does my time begin?

Your time begins when the first person/vendor/delivery arrives.

Are there limitations on set-up and Decorations?

Set up and decorations must be pre-approved by owner. Please discuss options for hanging decorations with owner.

When do we have access to the living quarters?

The upstairs Living Quarters serves as the Bridal Suite and is limited to the Bridal party (ladies in wedding party), mothers of the Bride and Groom, and Photographer on the day of the wedding only. No children allowed in the living Quarters please.  

When can vendors pick up items after the event?

If closed on Sundays, Vendors may pick up items on the first business day following the event (Monday).

Is there an extra charge for pick up after the first business day?

There will be a $50/day fee for pick-up after first business day.

Is there an additional fee for early deliveries?

There will be a $50/day fee for any deliveries before the scheduled delivery day.

Are alcoholic beverages allowed?

Consumption of alcoholic beverages (limited to beer and wine) by adults of legal drinking age is permitted. All alcohol must be served by a licensed and insured bartender. A copy of the license and proof of insurance must be provided at least two weeks prior to your event. No alcohol is permitted in or outside vehicles or in around parking areas.

Is the deposit refundable if I cancel?

Deposits are not refundable due to cancellation.

Where should guests park?

Guests should park in designated area. A parking sign will be posted at entrance gate.

Are parking attendants provided?

Parking attendants are not provided. It is recommended that you designate someone to assist guests with parking.

Is the barn in walking distance from the designated parking area?

Yes, parking is within walking distance of the barn. However, it is recommended that elderly and/or handicap guests are dropped off at the barn prior to parking.

Are there designated smoking areas?

Smoking is not allowed inside the barn. Designated smoking is around the fire pit only. 

Is use of the fire pit allowed during events?

Yes. However, use extreme caution with use of fire pit acknowledging that fire pit and surrounding area is extremely hot and can result in serious burns. Firewood will be provided. Please do not throw any other materials, with the exception of Cigarettes, in the fire pit. Use of fire pit is prohibited during Burning Bans issued by local authorities or otherwise windy conditions. 

What about lost, stolen or items left behind?

Owner is not responsible for lost, stolen, or abandoned items. There will be a $25 fee, plus shipping charges for any returned items.

What if it rains on the day of my outside planned event?

It is strongly recommended that you plan ahead for an alternative set-up inside to accommodate your event in case of inclement weather.

Are there restrictions on catering services?

Caterers must be licensed and insured. A copy of the license and proof of insurance must be provided at least two weeks prior to the day of your event.

Will someone be available the day of set-up and/or day of event if I have questions?

Yes, owner or designee will be available to answer any questions or to attend to any needs on the day of set-up and the day of your event.

Event & Wedding Venue Couple Leaning Against Barn Fence
Event & Wedding Venue Couple Kissing
Event & Wedding Venue Couple

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